The 1935 Harris FWD Speedster Story

By Motorcar1

An Introduction

A story about Benjamin F Harris III's remarkable and futuristically designed sports car.

The story that has taken  22 years in on and off research and time will unfold and be told exclusively herein AutoPuzzles. We offer a special thanks to Charlie ( Ultra) and Francesco, (Paul Jaray) who have graciously offered their personal help and Charlie again for the space needed herein this site. We also would like to thank all others on this great site for their comments and added information.

The pictures are being posted so that everyone can visually see that this very special futuristic car is still in existence with almost all of its parts intact  and repairable. There will be no disputing that it will be fully restored to an Invitational Quality using most of the original bird-caging and hand beat panels.

Many believed the Harris Speedster was gone in 1964 along with many other very special automobiles in the disaster at David Biggs private Museum in Clarksville, Missouri.

This very special futuristic car has been continually mentioned in magazines and other articles for decades since it was thought gone. Why would this be? AutoPuzzles will unfold the story in the upcoming months, and tell the story of why! 

The name of this very special futuristic sporting car has changed all through the decades. National magazine writers, newspapers and many others have called it by many names, including The Harris Built StreamlinerHarris Streamlined Race CarHarris Grand Prix Race CarBaby Racer, Harris' Hormone 8, the Harris SpeedsterHarris FWD Speedster, the Harris FWD Streamlinened Speciale, the Bantam V-8 Speedster, the Futuristic Harris Speedster, the Harris Custom Motors Speedster, Harris Special, Harris' Sensational FWD Streamliner , the Harris Streamliner, and other names.

In the pages that follow, you will find sprinkled the above names for Ben's creation, as used by by numerous writers from 1936 and in the decades that followed.

For the sake of History and as the owners, we are branding it; The 1935 Harris FWD Speedster. This is until such time that other documents appear or are discovered that straighten out what name Ben decided upon. Perhaps, he himself never knew what to call it and let the writers have their way with naming it.

We do so hope that the public, Historians and all members of AutoPuzzles enjoy the story as it unfolds herein and exclusively at AutoPuzzles.

Is this very special car the first birdcage? Is it a street car or a race car design? Did it inspire famous designers of both types? Was it the first true futuristic car that lends itself in size, closed body, weight, height, engine, fwd and a host of innovative firsts to the present day?

Is it a Futuristic car, a Concept car, a Custom Car? Whatever the case, all will unfold and be told exclusively herein AutoPuzzles. We would like to caution all, this story is being protected under Federal Copyright laws and any other applicable rights. No infringement regarding the story, new facts, model car rights, poster rights, but not limited to as such is allowed without the sole written consent of the owner.

Ben, in his own words said: "My car is intended to be a demonstrative example of artistic and functional design ability, as well as mechanical ability and understanding. These attributes being, in my opinion, the most important qualifications of an Industrial designer."

In this writer's opinion, he could have not said it better, as he unknowingly built a car that pointed to what was to come in the world of automobiles. Many of his own firsts and borrowed innovations are still being used to this day.

By the way, wherever Ben may be, we celebrate your very special futuristic creation on its 77th Anniversary!

Please sit back with your favorite beverage and enjoy, as History books may be re-written in front of your very eyes. Thank you to all that have helped to this point, and whom we hope will be further involved in the story of Ben's great creation.

The Caretakers of Ben's Fabulous Creation in Time, John, together with friends, associates and family!

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