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Tips for puzzle censoring
« on: November 21, 2020, 01:51:51 PM »
This is a list of tips I made for uploaders that will make the guessers put more effort into identification and make stuff more challenging, or rather less obvious. If you think some are too 'cruel' for the guessers pick an easier one. :P

◉ Try not to upload photos in their original color. Avoid simple generic black and white/greyscale transformation filters.
Use a sepia or a total recoloring technique that tints everything the same color or recolor your picture manually with a semi transparent big brush size. Keep in mind that certain countries have or have had mandatory indicator colors or bulb colors that reveal the vehicle's origin. Leave this to the guesser to ask. Free software for this? GIMP, of course. It is a great and free image manipulation program if you don't own Adobe Photoshop.
◉ Censor license plates.
◉ Keep in mind that certain countries can be associated with a license plate shape, size and format.
◉ Censor window stickers. The country of origin can be recognizable by the individuality of these stickers.
◉ Try to remove or crop out this kind of stickers and this kind of stickers visible on the rear of commercial vehicles. They will be connected to certain countries that require them by law.
◉ Try to censor reflectors like the ones you see on bicycle wheels. Some are/or were obligatory by law depending on location or color and will be connected to the country of origin.
◉ Try to remove or crop out 3M stickers fitted on the side or the rear of commercial vehicles. They will be connected to a certain country that requires them by law.
◉ If the vehicle is RHD or has a central driving position try to avoid showing that angle of the car. Certain countries can be easily connected to that, past and present and the latter can be easily found through keywords.
◉ Censor visible logos, words or names that associate the vehicle, location or a product name with a certain country.
◉ Censor numbers displayed on the vehicle. Fleet numbers, telephone numbers. Remove numbers painted on certain trucks which may display the mass of the vehicle. Remove plaques or paint on buses that might show passenger capacity or the bus category.
◉ Remove or censor human faces, skin tones, people roaming around cars at car shows. The race or appearance can be identified. Let's say Tokyo Auto Salon for example
◉ If you're posting cars displayed at shows crop other visible vehicles in the picture. They can be identified along with the show name and date and the mystery car will be found that way.
◉ Blur driver faces if you're uploading race cars. Drivers are known and loved by race connoisseurs as much as the cars in question.
◉ If you're uploading race cars, blur the sponsors seen on the track and any obvious logos seen on the car. Avoid showing the color of the car when you upload it. Colors and color schemes are specific to manufacturers and race sponsors.
◉ Blur any number on a racing car. Blur any text that might show the driver's name even if it's not readable by you. It can be an unique name format that will give hints to track down the racer.
◉ Blur visible country flags or clothing that depicts flags in the spectator arenas of race tracks seen anywhere in the picture or through the vehicle's windows.
◉ Avoid displaying old vehicles that have a big diagonal stripe painted on the grill in different colors and/or a white striped front bumper. These are associated with a certain country's mandatory law to categorize transport and for night visibility reasons.
◉ Avoid including road markings, road marking colors or traffic signs. They will be associated with certain countries.
◉ Censor geography and architecture of whatever is displayed in the background, not to mention vehicles. Keep in mind that certain plants or buildings or infrastructure can be easily connected to a region. I'd suggest entirely altering the background or easily fill it with several different colors. This can even be done in Paint. Check what is visible through the windows before uploading.
◉ If you're uploading a commercial vehicle that has 5 or more orange roof lights, crop that out. They are associated with a certain country's mandatory law.
◉ Side markers can be associated with certain countries mandatory requirements.
◉ The orientation of the wipers will reveal if the vehicle is LHD or RHD. Unless the vehicle has a central driving position.
◉ Avoid displaying closeups of seat belts in your picture. Different countries had specific laws regarding their presence and the location they are fitted on.
◉ If you're uploading a classic vehicle with clearly visible suicide doors it will quickly going to be associated with a certain country.
◉ Try to avoid pictures of cars with exposed typical engines. They can be easily recognizable. By that I mean the usual air cooled VW engine or GM's LS.
◉ Avoid revealing the unit of speed displayed on speedometers and blur the manufacturer of the gauges inside the vehicles you're uploading. Check the steering wheel center if it depicts logo shapes. Blur the radio brand in the car, it might be unique to certain vehicles only.
◉ Older cars with visibly extended/oversized bumpers will be associated with a certain country's bumper regulation at that time. Find an angle that does not show these bumpers.
◉ Censor the center of wheel caps if they display the vehicle logo.
◉ If your picture is taken from a book, censor any text around it and page number.
◉ Avoid uploading pictures that contain a watermarked logo that can be linked to a website.
◉ Blur tire brands and numbers displayed on tires if visible. They can be associated with a country or a specific tire manufacturer. This will track down the vehicle's origin. Observe the tire tread of the vehicle you're uploading. If it's special/unusual, blur it or crop it out. Manufacturers make tires on demand for certain vehicles.
◉ Avoid uploading pictures that are the thumbnail of a video or part of a video (and by that I mean Youtube) without altering them heavily.
◉ If a car is professionally photographed on grass remove or make an effort to censor the grass entirely somehow. This will be easily associated with Britain's typical car shows or its auction pictures.
◉ Use heavy filters and test reverse image search and alter the image as much as possible before uploading it. Add additional layers to it, crop it as much as necessary.
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Re: Security guide for puzzle uploaders
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2020, 03:07:36 PM »
Thanks for your constructive advice.
You will find many of us already carry out alterations to the photos to fit in with what you suggest, e.g. obliteration of racing numbers, obliterating registration (licence) plates etc.
Most of those you suggest can legally be carried out but it is not allowed to deliberately confuse, e.g. by reversing an image to make a car appear LHD when it is in fact RHD.
We don't want to make it impossible to identify a car, just difficult!  Sometimes some clues are left there on purpose..
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Re: Tips for puzzle censoring
« Reply #2 on: November 22, 2020, 10:06:32 AM »
Re-edited and modified the list! Thanks for the suggestions so far.  :)
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